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The young man above had a change in the nose and lip by design according to drawings that were done with his approval.



Three men are shown below on this page. The first is shown after only 24 hours.




Notice that there is no bruising, minimal swelling, and that he is breathing comfortable.



Both had drawings from which each chose all of the changes they wanted to accomplish. The drawings allow a person to choose and know what the results are to be. The drawings also allow the person   to be sure the result will  be fitting to their features and personality. 


You are invited to see  all these pictures, and the slides and negatives from which they were taken in the office along with thousands more as well as the drawings of any of them. 


Each face and nose are unique. No two are alike. These are both large noses but quite different for each other.


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The upper pictures show a routine nose in a handsome young man.



The above is surgery for what is called a rhinophyma. It extended out onto the right cheek. It is removed at surgery by shaving it down to the desired shape. 


If you can visit us in the office there are hundreds more photographs of before and after nose results in men. And thousands more of women. 


Questions & Answers leads  questions about nose surgery.


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