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Four more ladies are shown .

Each had other things being done besides the nose.

All had drawings from which each chose all of the changes they wanted to accomplish including  the nose. 

Everyone we have ever done has these drawings from which the goal is chosen. 





You are invited to see  all these pictures and the slides and negatives from which they were taken in the office

along with thousands more as well as the drawings of any of them. 


Each face and nose are unique. No two are alike. 






The lady in the lower set had a scooped in nose from previous surgery. It is most visible on the profile views. This is common and not unusual.

It was corrected with a smooth rounded implant of her own cartilage, which will last forever. 

Other materials that are used such as collagen will absorb, and many types of plastic such as silicone or gore-tex will sometimes change or erode through the skin, get infected and extrude. Therefore the persons own tissue when available is always the best graft. 














Questions & Answers leads to many frequently asked questions about the nose.


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