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Before               After 11 Days           After 2 Years 



Before                After 11 Days             After 2 Years  




Before & 2 Years After











The cheek folds in the patient above were quite large and heavy. They began at the side of the nose and joined the other cheek line from the corner of the mouth down. These pictures are at about six months after surgery.

The cheek or as they are called the nasal labial folds of the cheeks are the most important or one of the top three most important areas to correct in a majority of persons having surgery of the face. 

The cheek folds shown below are of a much younger person. But they also were the most important area to correct in her face. 

The correction of the cheek folds in such a way that they don't come back for decades of ever requires some change in shape of the cheeks which is sculpturing of the cheek tissues. The tissues being the skin or dermis and the subcutaneous fat and the attachment of the facial muscles or muscles of facial expression.

Dimples can be created and made to occur only with smiling as in nature if desired  .




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