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The nasal labial folds of the cheeks are the most common problems of appearance of the mid face.

These folds unfortunately cannot be significantly improved with creams, ointments, nutritional supplements or diet. Injections of substances such as hyaluronic acid or collagen into the folds are temporary and can make the face more round and full without eliminating the folds. When silicone or other permanent or very long lasting substances are injected, unfortunately they do not stay in place very well, and over time they migrate into areas that are not intended causing exaggeration  of the folds and gross enlarement of other areas such as the upper lip.
They are very simple to ingect, but maybe very difficult or impossible to remove.

These results shown here demonstrate  that the folds can be eliminated without scars and without the risks of general anesthesia or prolonged recovery. The improvement can be for life.

Every person's face is unique and the two sides of the face and the cheeks are different. The procedures are custom designed for each person's face and each person's choice of the desired result . There are many approaches. Generally the least invasive most beneficial technique is chosen. Some methods require no incision. Any incisions, if needed, are hidden and leave no visible scars.























This 18 year old young lady had cheek hollowing along with nose surgery.

The after pictures are four months following surgery. There was no weight change.   





             Before 1 Day After 5 Days After  


Before 5 Days After Before 5 Days After




5 Days After                      1 Month After


















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