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the Importance of Drawings


Why do Drawings?

from William Roy Morgan, M.D., F.A.C.S.       at       wrmorganmd@gmail.com


In study of the face we do drawings to be sure what would look best and to be sure it really does, and so our chosen goal is an a result that cannot be improved upon.


Drawings can be not just a little helpful, but of so much help in searching for what will look best, that they are essential. Our goal is Beauty. We want our results to be beautiful, with safety, comfort, no bruising or scaring, completely undetectable and normal in appearance. What is Beauty. Flowers are beautiful and attractive to all animals from insects to all of us. Whatever the definition, it should be very attractive to everyone.


Here are a few reasons to do drawings before making irreversible changes - http://www.wrmorganmd.org/Index%20of%20Information/Drawings.html


And to see an example of how important drawings can be,

Click here to see pictures showing other reasons for drawings. 


In this group of your lovely face pictures are a couple of drawings of the right profile and front view. 


On our web site http://www.wrmorganmd.org/ there are many examples of what routinely can be done.

It shows under noses ( http://www.wrmorganmd.org/Photographs/Nose/Nose_Mainpg.html ) that even with much more change of appearance than you would have,

  1. the recovery requires no interference in breathing,
  2.  little swelling the first day,
  3. hardly any bruising, 
  4. no pain, and 
  5. normal appearance in only two to four days. 

On seeing this, a person can be sure that whatever is done, that this kind of quality of improvement and speedy recovery are accomplished.


Please let us know if there are any questions.

Thank you,
Yours truly,

William Roy Morgan, M.D., F.A.C.S.

1419 Superior Avenue, Suite #2
Newport Beach, California 92663
Phone 949-645-6665 
Fax 949-645-6784
Email wrmorganmd@gmail.com 
Web wrmorganmd.org and ascbs.org 











William Roy Morgan M.D., F.A.C.S.

1419 Superior Avenue, Suite 2

Newport Beach CA 92663

Phone 949-645-6665    

wrmorganmd@gmail.com         wrmorganmd@yahoo.com



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