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William Roy Morgan M.D., F.A.C.S.

1419 Superior Avenue, Suite 2

Newport Beach CA 92663

Phone 949-645-6665    

wrmorganmd@gmail.com        wrmorganmd@yahoo.com

Our Outpatient Surgery


Most Surgery Groups

The consultation and  surgery are all at our convenient, dedicated, safe, private and comfortable cosmetic surgery center.

The consultation and surgery are in different areas of the large hospital, often far from the parking garages.

The consultation is in an office, but your surgery will be in another part of town at a different location.

Check-in is always at your convenience just steps from our private parking lot which is never full. We greet you.

Preoperative check-in area is somewhere in the hospital with dozens of other patients trying to check-in at the same time.

Check-in varies from location to location. There can be a wait and discomfort with no assistance.

Parking is just steps from the consultation office and the surgery center in our free, private parking lot.

Parking is usually far away from the doctors office and the operating rooms, usually in a costly parking garage.

Parking varies but is often not close to the center and not free.

By performing your surgery within our surgery  center we ensure the highest quality results.

The hospitals cater to life and death such as heart, brain and cancer surgery and rather than cosmetic.

Surgery is done in a Surgery Center which is not dedicated to cosmetic surgery as we are.

Patient care is excellent, focused on safe, comfortable, personal attention. You are our only patient and never alone.

Patient care often depends on severity of illness, and the  sympathy and compassion for cosmetic patients.

Nursing care changes from day to day with little individual attention.

We are dedicated to safety, comfort and the results of surgery at all times. There is no rush to finish.

Surgery start time can often be delayed for more emergent surgeries from the very ill or the emergency room.

The emphasis is more on speed  of in and out  rather than quality of care or experience.  

Our pre-op area provides a calm, relaxing atmosphere with soft music.

The pre-op area is often filled with 15-20 beds all waiting for major surgery, many times in a hall way.

The pre-op areas vary and are unpredictable.

Friends are free to go and be called as needed. There is a lovely, quiet waiting area with magazines and soft music.

The waiting room for families during your surgery can be full, crowded, noisy and uncomfortable.

Waiting rooms vary from location and can be uncomfortable, noisy and over crowded.

We are just 2 blocks from Pch  and many food options at the beach and shopping centers.

Waiting families can visit the cafeteria for cafeteria food when it is open.

Food options for families can be very limited.

Our recovery is totally focused on the patient's safety and comfort as our only concern. We never leave the patient.

After surgery, the recovery area is in a large room with more seriously ill patients and little or no privacy.

Recovery rooms can often be cramped, crowded and noisy, with distractions.

We allow family to join our patient and be able to visit together during the recovery process.

Cosmetic patients often recover without much attention if the recovery room is very busy with the very sick and ill.

Most surgery centers have many other patients and allow families only on a limited basis.

For cosmetic surgery of the highest quality we provide the lowest most affordable cost.

Costs for surgery patients can be $20,000 or more for a surgery center and much more for a hospital stay.

Costs for uninsured patients vary from center to center and is difficult to compare.

No patient who had surgery here has ever had any serious safety problem.


Four deaths have occurred from outpatient plastic surgery by staff members of a large local hospital.

Many other cases of such serious problems have occurred and are kept private and undisclosed.

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