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From this page the before and after pictures of results 

and information explanations can be found.


Explanation of the four indices below

The two indexes of photographs link to the same pages. Only the arrangement of the two is different. 

The one called "Most Frequent Procedures" is arranged with the most common type of surgery of the face at the top. The nose is the most common area of surgery then the  face, eyes, cheeks, etc. The central "Index" of photographs links to the same picture pages of photographs but is arranged alphabetically.

The face is an overall inclusive category that includes the nose and the eyes and the cheeks and chin in most cases. And usually there is some peel combined with the face. And the neck is also smoothed most often with the face. 

The The Index of Information  on the right of the Index of Photographs is a list of topics of written information arranged in the order of an explanation.

The The Questions and Answers  on the far right discuss the answers to the most frequent questions about surgery of the face in general and specifically for different common procedures. 

 The first  section  of Questions and Answers, "The Question" ,is a summary of how an evaluation and study of a person's face are done. Subsequent chapters explain each step of  the evaluation in more detail with reasons for each portion. 

 Arrangement of this web site  is further explained and discussed just below the four indexes.


Photographs Text
Most Frequent Procedures Photographs Index of Before and After Photographs Index of Information Questions & Answers

Arrangement of this web site

This web site has, at the bottom of every page, an index arranged in the order of the most frequent procedures index. 

Also at the bottom of each page there is Home, Index, About us, and Contact us. 

Home goes to the beginning page. Index comes to this page. The about us goes to the pages that tell about our practice. Contact us shows a map to our office and our email addresses. 

The text size of this site can be changed in  internet explorer. Under view, above on the browser, choose text size.

Which is more important the words or the pictures

Try a questionnaire on friends or the public asking:

"To find out what can be done with cosmetic surgery, is it better to  

1. See pictures that show what can be done - or

2. Read a written description of what can be done.? "

It will be found that the great majority who understand the question much prefer pictures of appearance over words describing appearance.

But if a third alternative is added  -  3. Both pictures and written description  -  then that will be the choice of the most. And so we have both.  The text is in the " Index of information" and the "Questions and Answers" in the columns on the right side above.

While pictures are most important, a lot of words are there in the index of information. 

Without pictures, a cosmetic surgery site or explanation is like talking about art without showing it. 
























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